Custom Motorcycle Parts
Made in USA


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Custom Designs with shape

Personalize your custom parts with your image ideas.  Cosmetic or structural parts can take on life with the ability to use your image combined with standard part applications.

Many options are available that will make your part look like no other.


Custom designs can be applied to standard part dimensions to give you the fit and look you want.

Precious gems and metals can add a wild accent to your project.
The Eyes of the Skulls are Rubies, and the Front Tooth is in-laid with Gold.

There are many options of shape and accent materials that can be combined to have a look like no other.




You can incorporate special finishes to make your parts stand out.

Part shape can be as wild as you can imagine.

Any concept part Idea You have can be turned into a real part.
Contact me with any questions you have about designing custom made motorcycle parts.

Tim Kruse
Cruzin' Engineering 

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