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  Installation instructions for tour pack trim on harley-davidson® and universal applications


For Harley-Davidson® Touring Models up to 2008 

1) Remove Tour-Pak inner liner. Most liners are secured by the owners manual pouch fasteners.
Work on one side at a time to give support to the Tour-Pak while installing the trim parts.

2) Remove two side bolts that secure Tour-Pak to frame. There are 2 ways to bolt the trim parts in place.
One is to reinstall the nuts as they are. The front saddle, washers and nuts will be very tricky to get on this way.

2nd and easiest, Remove the bolts from the Tour-Pak topside and put them in from the bottom. You will put the nuts on from the inside of the Tour-Pak.

3) On the front bolt of the Tour-Pak mount make sure you put the saddle mount with the concave arc facing up.

4) Tighten Tour-Pak bolts and proceed to the other side.


 For 2009 and newer

1) Remove Tour-Pak inner liner. Most liners are secured in place by the owners manual pouch fasteners.

2) Remove 4 bolts that secure the Tour-Pak to the frame. Disconnect any wires from Tour-Pak to motorcycle chassis. Remove Tour-Pak and set aside.

3) On the support frame measure 5/8 inch forward of rear support tube intersection and mark top rail in center of tube. Use a center punch to mark the holes for drilling.

4) Measure 4 1/4 inches forward from step 3 and mark hole location #2 on top center of the tube.


5) Drill 2 1/4 inch holes at these locations. DO NOT DRILL LARGER THAN 1/4 INCH HOLES!

6) insert self clinching bolts from top down and install using supplied acorn nuts.

Repeat on other side of vehicle.

For Universal installation

This is optional installation on 2009 and newer Harley models or Metric Touring Bikes.

1) Remove Tour-Pak or luggage trunk to access bottom of compartment. Remove any liners or internal covers to identify the hole location does not interfere with structural webbing or wire locations. Disconnect any wiring from assembly to motorcycle chassis.

2) From the bottom side locate an area to mount the trim parts that has a flat section 6-1/2 inches long. Mark 2 holes on each side, 4-1/2 inches apart on each side of the compartment bottom. Parallel with center line of motorcycle.

 3) Drill 4, 1/4 inch holes through the bottom of the compartment.

4) Install with 1/4 in hex bolts or socket head cap screws (Not supplied), The length of the bolts will depend on compartment thickness.


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